Jewish Wisdom as a Framework for Personal Growth

What We Do

Call of the Shofar teaches men the principles to live our lives from a place of wellbeing. Together, we experience the Torah’s story as a vital journey home, to our essential selves, from which we form healthy, responsible relationships with ourselves, our families and with the world around us.

Call of the Shofar programs are designed for Jewish individuals and organizations of any affiliation who pursue personal development, relational health and spiritual growth.

All our programs are firmly grounded in and formulated from principles derived from Jewish sources. Together they form a highly effective and self sustaining approach towards healing the social maladies that are plaguing our families and communities.

It is a clear concern that both affiliated and non-affiliated Jews are looking elsewhere for real transformation. We are demonstrating that Judaism is alive and well for those who are truly experiencing individual wellbeing and relational health through its teachings.

Our intention is to continue building a powerful organization that is already having a profound, positive and long standing effect in Jewish communities around the world.

Among the people who support Call of the Shofar are rabbis, therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, life-skills-coaches and teachers, Shofar also includes the support of friends and colleagues who are marketing and promotional consultants, artists, writers, trainers, accountants and lawyers.

Each year, over 300 men from all over the world participate in our workshops. To date over 1,000 men and women have participated in our programs.