Jewish Wisdom as a Framework for Personal Growth

Weekly TeleConference with Simcha

Join an exclusive, weekly teleconference call with Simcha.  We limit each group to no more than 10 participants each. During the hour, we support each other and hold each other accountable to manifest ongoing wellbeing in our lives and in our relationships.


Teleconferences are only open to people who have completed the Seasons of Transormation Workshop.


We have been running 2 groups for close to a year and we have all experienced real sustainable growth and progress.  At present there are a few spaces available in our Monday Group which  begins at 9PM EST and in our Tuesday Group which starts at 8PM EST.  We are also looking to launch a new group, Wednesday at 8 PM.  The cost is $65/month. That’s $15 a week, from home, to work together with other Shofar men and Simcha to continue our journey forward. These groups are a great way to turn the principles we learned and the peak experiences we shared into life-long practices.