Jewish Wisdom as a Framework for Personal Growth

Seasons of Transformation Weekend Workshop

The Shofar Workshop is a call to wake up from the slumber of day to day distractions and reconnect with your deeper essence.

  • Who are you? What are you living for? Do you deserve to find real love... real joy? Is success within your reach? What is it that is keeping you from feeling fully alive? These are some of the questions that motivate us to seek out authentic growth. The Shofar Workshop is a rare opportunity to spend 3 days exploring the depth of who you are and reconnecting with your true self.
  • During The Shofar Workshop you will...
  • Learn the basic principles that guide the process of self development
  • Be introduced to your self on a whole new level
  • Gain insight into what has been holding you back/ keeping you in a rut
  • Learn tools for communicating with greater integrity and authenticity
  • Access your power, freedom, and creativity
  • Be challenged to move beyond your selfimposed limitations
  • Join a loving, supportive community committed to deeper values  

The Shofar Workshop will introduce you to an authentic Jewish path toward greater aliveness, fulfillment, and success in your life and relationships.

Important Details:

  • The workshop is usually 60 hours long and is conducted in a safe, isolated environment, away from outside concerns and distractions.
  • The workshop is residential, meaning that all programming, meals, and lodging takes place on location at the workshop venue.
  • The experience is highly individualized, maintaining an average program attendance of 22 participants with roughly 10 to 12 staff members. 
  • The workshop is highly experiential, employing a variety of exercises and challenges that aim to integrate intellectual principles into meaningful subjective experiences. Wellbeing is an experience to be had, not just an idea to be discussed.
  • The curriculum is intensive and will require you to be punctual and ready to fully engage: physically, intellectually, and emotionally. 
  • This workshop is gender specific in order to create the appropriate and optimal environment for personal transformation.

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