Jewish Wisdom as a Framework for Personal Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

To label an organization a cult, one must first define the word cult and provide concrete facts to support this claim. Some defining aspects of a cult are the following:


1. A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

2. An organization which imposes control over the minds and behavior of those involved.

3. A group which has a polarized us-versus-them mentality. Members are encouraged to cut ties with other organizations or family members, etc.



1. No one in the organization is pretending to be anything other than an individual trying to live life as best as they can. At no time are we pretending to be communal leaders. We are giving over principles. No one in the organization is pretending to be above others in any way or to be role models for others to strictly follow.


2. We are in no way controlling people’s minds. We stress free choice. We teach participants how to take responsibility for their choices and their ways of thinking. We do not tell people what to think and what to do. We teach people how to be aware of the impact of unconscious, bad habits and negative thinking.


3. We stress the exact opposite of an “us versus them” mentality. Our mission is to improve our extended relationships. We emphasize that participants should not isolate themselves. We encourage participants to incorporate the principles and teachings in their personal lives through greater presence, acceptance, and understanding of our common humanity. The participants of our program come from all walks of life and are encouraged to infuse what they learned back into those walks of life.


No. Participants are encouraged to limit their interaction with family and work while participating on the workshop in order to allow complete concentration and minimize distractions. If a participant needs to make a call, they are asked to do so in private as to not distract others.


Call of the Shofar programs are unique. Some of the principles that we teach and processes that we utilize are of course found in other programs. These commonalities are purely due to their fundamental and universal nature. We follow the Torah’s directive of utilizing the world’s resources for a higher purpose. To that end, our techniques will draw from a variety of sources, yet as stated above, Call of the Shofar works to make sure that every aspect of our programs are in accordance with Halacha and Torah Hashkofa.

We have made every effort to construct our program in total congruency with Jewish law by consulting with top orthodox authorities. Many prestigious rabbis and Torah Scholars have learned about and experienced Call of the Shofar first hand and have given our program their blessing. Although our program has been approved by and strictly adheres to the guidelines of Orthodox Rabbinic authority, we do not attempt to teach Halacha (Jewish law)  or influence religious observance in any way. We tell our participants to consult with their own Rabbis for matters of Halacha and personal Hadracha (direction). Whenever a Halachic concern has arisen, we have immediately worked closely with Rabbinic authorities to understand the issue and adjust our program accordingly. We are committed to operating within the Torah framework, and will continue to do whatever is necessary to uphold that standard should Halachic issues be brought to our attention.


There are many types of meditation. We practice one very simple form of bringing awareness to our patterns of thinking. We promote freedom and intentionality to the quality of our thoughts. We do not attempt to change or manipulate anyone’s thinking at any time.

We do not attempt to administer psychological therapy of any kind and we make it clear to all of our participants that Call of the Shofar workshops are not therapy and do not replace therapy. Through a detailed questionnaire and application process, individuals who have mental health challenges are often asked not to attend the program. While we do not actively try to solve any mental health issues, when given the support and tools to explore self-awareness, participants often experience greater psychological and emotional clarity.

In all of our trainings we clearly tell participants that they are free to share whatever they did, saw or experienced on our programs. We make a single exception to this transparency. We request all members to maintain confidentiality concerning what they witnessed or heard other participants share. This comes from a simple and fundamental respect of other people’s privacy. Many of our participants choose not to share the details of the workshops in order to allow their friends and family the opportunity to experience the workshop without preconceived notions or expectations. For this same reason, we do not publish the content of our seminars, but we are always happy to share details or answer question at any time via phone or email.

Yes, we have a few testimonials on the website but feel free to contact us for more information. 

If you know someone who has experienced the weekend, you should speak to them. You can also call our office and someone will get back to you. 

Phone: 1 –718-360-5888

For many, this weekend opens up many doors and possibilities. For everyone else, it opens up many doors and possibilities. We’d love for you to come!

Yes, you are welcome to attend another weekend. However, you will need to come at the beginning and stay to the end.


If you choose, your money will be refunded if you let us know at least 2 weeks before the weekend begins (or you can reschedule). If you need to cancel within 2 weeks of a weekend, your money will not be refunded. However, you are welcome to join any weekend within the year.

Smoking is not allowed on the weekend.

No. If you think there is some reason why you need to make outside calls, you need to speak with a staff member before the weekend starts?

The weekend has been designed where each process builds on the other ones. It will not be to your benefit to come late or leave early. As such, you are registering to come on time at the beginning and leave at the end. Participants who come late will not be allowed to join the on going workshop.

The starting time for weekends is on the flier and registration form (times vary depending on the workshop). You should be at the workshop site (address is on the registration form) no later than 15 minutes before the starting time.

No, not at all. We have many participants, who express their Jewishness in different ways.

Call of the shofar offers follow-up weekly trainings as well as opportunity for one-on-one private consultations. Trainings with couples and teens are also available.


We respect a man’s sense of privacy, for the torah holds this as a high value. Our intention is not to expose private matters. What matters is to refine our awareness and relationship to our own journey.



Our goal is to educate and orient ourselves towards a joyous, fulfilling life, and experience security, wellbeing and health in our relationships. This Seminar is purely educational, and is not intended to be therapeutic. We are simply a group of people who find joy in life and meaning in healing life’s issues, who seek a deeper and richer understanding of ourselves, our relationships and ultimately our world.

The answer is YES, if you let it. 
For some, it begins when the man takes the opportunity to discover and speak his own truth.
For others, it is reconnecting to the fundamental well-being of life. In this journey of selfexamination that brings discoveries and rediscoveries, we provide group discussions, games, guided imagery visualizations, and individual work. We offer cognitive tools that bring awareness, commitment, and health into the relationships that make up our lives, families and communities.
The training is respectful of every man’s decision to participate at what ever level of depth he chooses.

At Call of the Shofar, we trust that each man naturally knows what is right for him. Each man intuitively knows what holds him back from believing in himself and from living life powerfully. The training provides the tools to listen to your own inner compass; it is a guide that knows what you need to live your life to the fullest. We are there to support you in connecting to- and thereby, committing to- all that you choose. There is one requirement for attendance- the willingness to meet yourself, to experience yourself.