Jewish Wisdom as a Framework for Personal Growth

Community Programs

The next step

Call of the Shofar has given many of us the opportunity to courageously cross the sea of our constricting limitations and powerfully step into our innate wellbeing. The experiential workshops are great. They are peak experiences. It is now our responsibility to embody the principle we learned and to actualize them into our everyday lives.

We need to support each other and to hold each other accountable. We cannot do this work in isolation.


Many past participants who want to stay connected and continue growing together have formed ongoing follow-up groups.

We encourage you to join one of these groups. It’s the next step.


Find a Men's Group

Below is a list of ongoing groups. Contact the group organizer for exact time and location. For further assistance email us at



Monsey, NY


Silver Spring MD

Reuven Walder


Milwaukee, WI

Gerardo Krisztal


Baltimore, MD

Joel Klein


Jerusalem, Israel

Craig Preston


Need Help Starting a Men's Group?

If there is not a Shofar group near you, consider taking action to start a follow-up group. Call of the Shofar has been helping men build successful men's groups for years.

We will provide a basic curriculum for your group and we are available to provide personal, ongoing advice and support.

Email us at and let us help you set up and run a great group.


*Because we are unable to attend these groups in person, we cannot take responsibility for what specifically transpires during the meetings. However, we want to support your continued growth in whatever way we can. Let us know how.