Jewish Wisdom as a Framework for Personal Growth

Advanced Workshop

Are you ready to take your growth beyond the basics?


During The Introductory Workshop

  • We defined, what we are assuming to be the goal of creation.
  • We were introduced to principles, which are in alignment with our understanding for creation
  • We created a safe container within which to be real and vulnerable.
  • We learned skills of communication.
  • We became aware that so much of what has contributed to our lack of wellbeing is old patterns of thinking
  • We experienced the impact of being enslaved to old patterns of thinking.
  • We experienced our deepest desire from within our places of constriction.
  • We tasted freedom
  • We distinguished wellbeing and freedom from constriction and slavery and celebrated the difference


During The Follow-up Teleconference

  • We redefined our goals
  • We reviewed the principles, which generate wellbeing
  • We distinguished qualities of mind
  • We came to understand the importance of defining new goals from a place of freedom


During The Advanced Workshop

  • We further distinguish our essential selves from the obstacles that get in the way of leading free, powerful, fully expressed lives
  • We further distinguish old stories and the habits they generate
  • We review the principles, which generate individual wellbeing and relational health.
  • We are introduced to principles, which help us actualize intention. We are introduced to principles, which help us actually manifest our goals in life
  • We establish new goals that we have chosen from a place of freedom.
  • We identify and practice new habits, which help manifest the new agreements we have made.
  • We begin to understand what it means to take responsibility for commitments we have chosen
  • We see how words support or break down our commitments
  • We become familiar with fear and making mistakes
  • We learn to not take things personally
  • We recognize internal dialogue
  • We distinguish personality types
  • We take action steps
  • We support each other and hold each other accountable over an extended period of time
  • We choose to take care of our selves: our bodies, finances, spiritual practices, etc.
  • We choose to engage in relationships with: responsible communication, trust, openness, vulnerability, appropriate boundaries, support, etc.
  • We choose what processes we want to be causing: what we want to be doing and what context we want to be living from.

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