Jewish Wisdom as a Framework for Personal Growth



" Call of the Shofar offers our community a practical, experiential method for learning principles and practicing skills over time which: impact men's lives, create healthier marriages and help us function better as parents. I wholeheartedly recommend this organization and the programs they facilitate..." 

Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, Baltimore, MD
Shearith Israel Congragation
President, Va'ad HaRabbonim (The Jewish Religious Court of Baltimore)

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"Empowering! Uplifting! Transformational! The Call of the Shofar workshop taught me how to be with myself and with others in a whole new way. As an experiential teaching it offers the dual possibility of tikun ha'prat and tikun ha'klall, making oneself a better person and making the world a better place. To all my Jewish brothers: If your soul is looking to connect to Torah and to Hashem, start here!"

R. Moshe Mykoff, Israel
Teacher; author of numerous works including The Empty Chair: Finding Hope and Joy; and translator of Likutey Moharan, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's magnum opus.

"I have had many years of lengthy, in depth psychoanalytic experiences finding out about me and my feelings... I unreservedly support and recommend the work this organization is doing and would like to see its influence grow in our community." 

Dr. Mayer Leibman, Maryland
Faculty, Johns Hopkins University, Goucher College and the University of Maryland School of Medicine 
Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and the International Association of Social Psychiatry

"I was profoundly moved and transformed by the Call of the Shofar workshop. I can't recommend it more highly. Do your neshama a favor and take the plunge!"

Rabbi Yehoshua Karsh, Illinois
Director, Torah Learning Center of Northbrook

“Call of the Shofar has brought together some of the most powerful experiential modalities that are out-there in the world, and has given them their natural place in a Jewish framework… this is a powerful and authentic way to reclaim something that we, the Jewish people, need very badly right now in order to live our Torah more fully, more real-ly, more powerfully.”

R. Avraham Sutton, Israel
Mentor, teacher, internationally renowned lecturer, author, and editor of many books including Innerspace by R. Aryeh Kaplan z”l.

"I support the work that you and your organization are doing. It is a well thought -out program to help Jewish men deepen their self awareness and understanding and as a result will enable them to form better relationships with spouses and friends and ultimately the Ribbono Shel Olom."

Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz, Maryland
Woodside Synagogue
Professor of Law at the University of Maryland

"The Shofar weekend workshops are explosive. My weekend guided me on the path to unlocking feelings, emotions and perspectives about myself that I knew existed but could not access. The camaraderie among Jews from all backgrounds that develops in such a short time is palpable. The ongoing weekly workshops that last a couple of hours each provide me with a fresh, insightful look at the interpersonal relationship challenges that inevitably come up in my life. I have found especially helpful, applying the techniques to the areas of improving my marriage, my finances and raising my children."
"The Jewish community benefits both in having its members more in touch with themselves and more a part of a larger group. which catalyzes growth in the larger community."

Rabbi Reuvan Abedon, Maryland

"My experiences with Shofar's experiential workshops and continual follow-up men's groups have been both uplifting and inspirational. My participation has led me to a better understanding of the relationships I have in my life. The teachings have led me to be more fully present for others in not only a clinical skill but a life skill as well. I am honored to be part of a movement that has the integrity and spiritual devotion such as Shofar. I highly recommend this experience to all men searching to empower their lives and live a path which leads closer to Hashem. I work with young adults in particular and feel very strongly that this work would greatly benefit them in our community."

Avi Gross, MSW, Maryland
Director of Project Ascent, LLC, an Experiential educational and Team Building company

"I was not sure exactly what kind of event I would be attending. But I went and it changed my life. I now have a better understanding of myself, which has translated into a better relationship with my wife, my children, my friends, and my colleagues at work. And I accomplished that new understanding in a safe, caring, and Jewish environment."

Alex Polonsky, Attorney
Silver Spring, MD

“This weekend is brilliantly orchestrated and reveals a profound depth in understanding the Avodah of Tikun Hamidos. More so, it offers real time answers to the universal quandary of making these concepts practical and livable”.

Yisroel F., Israel

"This is עבודה שבלב - The real thing! So deep - The key to גאולה."

David G., Israel

"I've been doing this kind of spiritual work for about 15 years, off and on, in a variety of venues. (Landmark, Kripalu, Omega, Inner Child etc., etc.) As a Jewish man this was the best and most helpful."

Steve S., New Jersey

“This is the first time I have ever attended a weekend program that I feel I have gained so much. I may not have thought I needed this kind of weekend, but it gave me clarity and a view of my potential to be even more than who I presently am.”

Marc B., Maryland

“The process to self awareness in relationships that Shofar has formulated is well thought out and excitingly eye opening”

Shalom K., Maryland

"Worth it. Far more transformative than I expected. Not only the techniques were effective but the personal and intuitive abilities of the leaders made a difference in my life."

Matthew M., Israel

“I came into the weekend interested but cynical, not knowing what to expect. I left a true believer. I really grew from the experience. Thank you so much.”

Michael C., Maryland

“I was extremely hesitant to attend the Shofar weekend; however I have touched places that opened my heart that I haven’t been to in a long time. Very impressive.”

Marc R., Maryland 

"If you haven't attended the Shofar program, and you think you know something about brotherhood, intimacy, empowerment, and deep healing, think again. And then sign up for the ride of your life."

Anonymous, California

“I think the Jewish Community desperately needs the intimate, loving space that Shofar provides for Jewish Men to fully realize their power and authenticity.”

David G., Massachusetts 

"If personal growth is something you value, then I’d suggest just going to Shofar. Don’t think about it just go”.

Shmuel S., Israel

“A group of men walked with me to the places that prevent me from connecting, and then walked out with me, allowing me to see how to leave those places behind”

Yannai K., Israel

“This weekend taught me skills that will serve me to make healthy relationships for the rest of my life.”

Joe W., Maryland

“An experiential workshop that helps a person get in contact with his inner child and see it from an adult perspective.”

Sam F., Israel

"Call of the Shofar gives individuals a real taste of what it feels like to give with an open heart. I benefited greatly. Thanks"

Baruch S., Israel

“Amazingly powerful soul searching work”

Richard S., Maryland 

"I had high expectations coming in and it surpassed anything I could have dreamed. These were the 3 most important days of my life. Anyone in the world will benefit tremendously from this. To feel connected with yourself means to be connected to life. Everyone must go through this for their sake and well-being (and Happiness)."

Naftali A., Israel

"A mind/heart opening series of events which have deeply touched me. With usable skills for wellsprings of selfhood and choice."

Daniel K., Israel

"Thank you so much for changing my life in such a positive way. I had major breakthroughs that have come to be a tremendous source of healing. I also enjoyed the weekend and the new relationships developed during this time. No word can describe my thanks. I will refer this to everyone I know."

Sammy C., Israel

"Gave me a much healthier view to myself and other people which has made a mark improvement in my life."

Yaacov M.,Israel

"The weekend provided me greater clarity as I continue on my journey of healing and self -discovery."

Shalom T., New York

"It brought me out of my shell and helped me become aware of what I can accomplish."

Michael G., Maryland

"This weekend allowed me to transform Judaism from the intellectual state to an emotional experience connecting me more to myself and G-d."

Jayson L., New York

"I was very reluctant to come because I didn't understand it so well. But I trusted the friend that told me it would help me. Now that I've gone through it, I see myself in such a totally new way, in which so much of my life makes sense and enables me to get out of some long, standing ruts."

T. V., Maryland

"This was a life changing weekend that enabled me to see life through different glasses and help me with all my relationships in life, especially with my self."

Elie J., New York

"I have never learned so much in a 48 hour period. My employer provided the weekend for me as a 'bonus' In 37 years of work, it is, by far, the best bonus I ever received. What I learned about myself will put me on the road to heights in relationship to myself and others that I never could have imagined."

Avi M., Maryland

“The sparks of life, love and power to reignite the passion within.”

Levy G., New York

“I was stuck in a place I never wanted to be stuck in and this weekend helped me remember what was under my mask, so I could use more energy being happy instead of containing my pain. It gave me permission to be with my pain and to ask for what I want and remember what I want.”

Elyakeem K., New York

“This was an incredible weekend and I am so grateful that I chose to participate. Although I may have been hesitant at first, I was definitely not disappointed.”

Shlomo S., Maryland

“Such an opportunity for the first time to truly open up and objectively be able to look at myself, come to grips with who I am in the past, present and a real vision for wholesome growth for the future.”

Zev P., California

“This weekend is a great opportunity to search inside and discover what is holding us back and to release the pain or fear that can prevent growth”

Howard K., Florida

“Wake up to the true man that is in all of us.”

Steven S., Maryland

“A safe Jewish environment.”

Joe C., New York

"When I had given up on myself, this experience gave me hope.”

Eitan P., Maryland

“’Alive’ has a new meaning after experiencing this emotional weekend.”


"Shofar was a very powerful experience for me. It re-connected me to my inner-Self."

Efraim S., Massachusetts

“This 3-day seminar for Jewish men helped me to get in touch with my inner-Jewish-dimensions, unlock hidden strengths, and gain a true understanding of who I really am. This once in a life-time opportunity to grow and flow with Hashem and his universe is not to be missed!!”

Simcha W., Israel

“I have been involved in many different self actualization experiences. This weekend with its spirituality, caring and depth is far superior in making me a more actualized man.”

Yudy W., New York

“I didn’t now what to expect going in, but the workshop gave me new tools to approach the problems and challenges in my life.”

Yoel G., Israel

"A true opportunity to meet yourself and open to the transformation"

Simcha S., Israel

“Excellent experience, very important, really helps!”

Amir D., Israel

“There are certain people one meets in a lifetime that truly inspire. I’ve just been privileged to meet some.”

Eliezer B., Israel

“I highly recommend this experience. I believe it can be life changing.”

David W., New York

“To be honest, I didn’t want to come. I was dragged in with a friend. This experience was like no other in my life. I feel like a new person.”

Chaim K., Maryland

“The Call of the Shofar weekend taught me better how to live, progress through life’s challenges whether big or small. A truly worthwhile weekend to attend.”

Jonathan H., New York

“I feel like a huge weight has left me.?

Avraham S., Maryland

“You won’t know what hit you… yourself.”

Michael T., Washington D.C.

“This weekend was amazing! I look forward to adding the lessons learned in my daily life.”

Dan M., Maryland

“I feel like a real man… I came to face my past and I did. Thanks to Shofar for helping to improve my life as a man.”

Ron R., Maryland

“The weekend allowed me to connect with myself in ways I could never have done otherwise. The staff is so energized and dedicated. The entire experience is a unique life changing one. I would like each of my sons to participate in it.”

Ted B., New Jersey

“Shofar gets you in touch with your real self so you can function better and give more back to the world.”

Craig P., Israel

“The Shofar workshop helped me to feel a part I was missing all my life and wasn’t able to get it back in the real world.”

Reuven G., Israel

“I watched myself become reborn. I felt God’s love for me and thusly love for myself.”

Zachary S., Israel

“Really helped me get in touch and know how to express my feelings and emotions.”

Yitzy K., Israel

“These two days changed my life and opened possibilities that I didn’t know existed.”

Shalom S., Israel

“Simcha and staff will take you through a journey into self with community and Hashem with love, caring, compassion, nurturing and resulting in growth and ability to be intimate with the world.”

Yehuda Leib B., Israel

“Call of the Shofar has laid the foundation for a life of growth and wellbeing. Essential.”

Jonathan M., Israel

“I didn’t think I’d make it through and I didn’t think that what they would say could fix things. But I was able to really get in touch with myself and reach a state of well-being. The process makes sense and is very effective.”
Michel K., Israel

“Excellent, deep, empowering, safe, awakening… opens up barriers to love and experience ones own fullness, authenticity and power.”

Yehudah S., Israel

“It was hard to see how each part fit together, but if you stick it through to the end you will learn valuable tools for life.”

Moshe V., Israel

“Thank you for such an amazing experience.”

Roey S., Israel

“I was in psychotherapy for almost 10 years with three different therapists (including an NYU professor) and only at this workshop did I have my breakthrough. Although I had understood so many of the individual pieces, Simcha helped me find the single element that tied it all together.”

Moshe F., Israel

“This weekend teaches clear and truthful patterns of how our thoughts and emotions operate, not to mention the discovery of many hidden wounds and hurts, and of course- the true beauty of ourselves.”

Yehoshua S., Israel


"I walked in with a mild desire to learn more about myself, and walked out with a passionate excitement to express what I discovered."

Nissan A., Israel- Yeshiva student

"No matter how old or how young you are, or what your circumstance is, this is for you."

Aharon K., Israel- Yeshiva student

"A great workshop for any religious man who wants a good kick forward in his life ad his Avodah."

David S., Israel


"Thank you very much for an incredibly enriching experience."

Ezra R., Israel

"Really really great. Honestly one of the best and most promising experiences in my life. This is world changing work, one man at a time. Hashem Yivarech Otchem! Thank you. I highly recommend this seminar."

Simcha M., Israel

"A Jewish workshop which would enhance your life and relationships through self-evolution in an entertaining way."

Aharon R., Israel

"This workshop and its follow-up is essential to anyone who intends to live an emotionally healthy life in this day and age."

Pesach A., Israel- Yeshiva Student

"Shofar enabled me to identify real obstacles that were holding me back in my relationships and Avodas Hashem. The tools that I learned in this workshop will help me become a more caring and loving person, the person that I always wanted to be."

Yerachmiel W., Israel- Yeshiva student

"I've always thought it would take much longer for people to get to know and discern the good in me. Not only did they, they then introduced good parts of me to myself. Parts I really cherish."

Aryeh H., Israel

"Getting in touch with myself is the one of the greatest gift of my life. The seminar would be invaluable tool for anybody who wants to experience that gift."

Gedalya R., Israel

"This workshop gave me a clarity about issues holding me back that no amount of Mussar study would have given me. In addition, it armed me with approaches to growth that are completely in accordance with normative Jewish thinking."

Yisroel Y., Israel

"Definitely one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It helped me breakthrough many of my personal blocks in a way I never knew was possible. Opened doors for an improved me."

Avraham M., Israel

"Shofar has helped me become a better parent by cleaning away a lot of my own petty issues so I can be more loving and understanding for my wife and kids."

Yehoshua R., Israel

"Maturity to me means experiencing fully my emotions and being open to resonating with those around me. The workshop helped me find depth to my humanity and living my feelings while gaining insight into the lives of my fellow man."

Elie, D., Israel

"Call of the Shofar is Great! Men can greatly benefit from it."

Gregg, Maryland

"This is the beginning of my new life!"

Izzy, New York

"This is a weekend of unbelievable transformation."

Aharon B., Maryland

"I was searching to redefine my path in life. This workshop has enabled me to be the context in which y life occurs and I connected to my inner strength to handle whatever Hashem wishes for me."


"This is life changing work! To have shared this weekend with my son will impact our lives together and generations to come. Truly Grateful!"

Daniel B., New Jersey

"This workshop has put me on an emotional path that i have been looking for for a long time."

Jon K., Maryland

"If one does not avail himself to the Call of the Shofar weekend, they are most unfortunate."

Yerachmiel K., Maryland

"The workshop helped me discover beautiful and powerful aspects of my personality that i didn't know existed."

Yechezkel F., Maryland

"I can see my life beginning to change drastically."

David S., Maryland

"I had no idea what to expect. And then I went on an incredible ride through life, thinking, and Judaism. I became more alive and aware. Thank you."

Avrum W., Maryland

"Call of the Shofar was an incredible way to connect a lot of the missing links in the chain of my life."

Jason Yissachar, Maryland


"This weekend opened up my mind to a new way of thinking 'for the better'."

Levi B., New York



"This weekend was a powerful experience of accessing the truth about myself in relation to my past, my relationships, and what i need to do to bring true transformation to my life, all in a Torah context!"

Ephraim S., Massachusetts


"Call of the Shofar is an experience like no other- it is an intense and enthusiastic experience that will awaken you to what the really world is. If you have a few days to spare, I promise you they will be well spent."

Raffi L., New York

"Tremendous opportunity to connect the deeper aspects of ourselves and Judaism."

Yitz J., California

"This workshop gave clarity to my life. It gave me a direction to start. Life is too short, Just Live!"

David S., Maryland

"10 years of therapy in 3 days!"

Yoni S., Michigan

"In 20 minutes, 40 years of pain were identified clearly for me. I faced the pain and worked through it with the gentle loving hands of the workshop facilitators."

David F., Maryland

"This weekend was one of the most life influencing event I have ever participated in. I highly recommend it for everyone and anyone who wants to lead a life with more wholesome relationships."

Nonnie H., Maryland

"I have been on other weekends before where I have felt I had to leave my Jewish tradition in order to fully participate. At Shofar, I was able touse my Jewish tradition to grow personally not dismiss it- and without sacrificing on the deeply emotional work."

Elan K., Israel

"Call of the Shofar is a workshop that can take even the most personally developed individual and take him to the core of his emotional nature in a way that is incredibly timely and effective."


"I had it all in me from the beginning. Call of the Shofar simply brought it out, and that is perhaps what's most important."

Roey H.

"I came into the seminar guarded and skeptical about what I could gain. After two days of intense real experiences, I began to appreciate myself and others for who they truly are."

Avi S.

"Opens up new insights to life."

Eli W., Israel

"A totally new, eye-opening experience. an opportunity to connect to men and see them in a completely new light. Staffed by incredibly committed and communicative individuals. Learn to communicate as never before and bring more understanding in relationships."

Michael D., Israel

"My life will be defined by before and after this event."

Moishy G., Israel

"Shofar is beyond incredible. If you care about truth and about your life, you need this place. Shofar has opened my eyes to the world i am living in."

Elie G., Israel

"There is so much more of a reason to live now."

Yehoshua N.

"It took 20 years, but I finally cried."

Eli D., Israel

< "I loved all the warm staff members and all the amazing people I met here. I felt the ???? Neshamah."

M.J. K., Israel

"It's not about 'changing' myself, its being more 'conscious' of myself and 'connected' to myself."

Moshe B., Israel

"This is a must do for men. Learn to see why your feelings occur the way they do."

Raanan B., Israel

"I found out why ????- laughter and ????- screaming are similar in the the holy tongue, they both came out simultaneously in some of the exercises."

Leon F., Israel

"A truly life changing and inspiring experience which has give me real feeling of well-being that everything I try to do I can achieve. There is no limit anyone's potential."

Jordan G., Israel

"After doing a lot of growth related work, I can definitely say that Shofar provides the environment, staff, and tools to have extraordinary breakthroughs during the 3 days as well as opportunities to have steady progress in the time that follows."

Dovid L., Israel

"Coming in totally pessimistic, I was blown away. Everybody can and will benefit."

Morris S., Israel

"The most amazing experience of my life. I feel like I just woke up from a long sleep."

Shmuel L., Maryland

"This program is a must for anyone that wants to grow in all aspects of their life. You will not get this anywhere else. Give yourself and your loved ones the greatest possible gift and come."

Zvi W., New York

"I learned a great deal about myself and gained a new perspective on Torah and Yiddishkeit."


"This weekend was truly transformational - and I can say this even before leaving"

Pinny L., New York

"This is something every person today needs to go through."

Rabbi Daniel C., New York

"The workshop saved my life and for this I'm eternally grateful."

Yosef L., Florida

"My weekend experience at Call of the Shofar was one of the most spiritually uplifting and made me see the world in a much better light."

Reuven S., New York

"I learned more about myself in these 3 days than in years with a psychologist."

Anon, New York

"For anyone who wants to have a great marriage, understand himself, and have relationships with others, this is a must. I think that all people should attend this workshop before they get married. I believe it is so necessary, that not experiencing this is doing yourself an injustice."

Aron R., Florida

"Definitely transformative. I've done the Warriors weekend, but this was attuned to my soul and my Jewish self."

Daniel L., Chicago

"This was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done. I feel as if I've been given a second chance at life."

Baruch B., Maryland 

"This is a life changing experience for those who truly want it to be life changing. The resources are here for you to take back your life, own it, and live it for yourself and your loved ones."

Duvy D., New York

"You will leave this weekend with your life changed for the better."

David C., New York

"This workshop is an invaluable tool for reaching and discovering places of undeveloped potential with yourself. The experience was surreal and nothing like anything I've ever been through in 34 years of searching. I learned about myself from the inside out, realizing the dynamics with which I had been living my life and I learned to objectively perceive my reality in a highly fulfilling way."

Moshe F., New Jersey

"No matter how amazing you heard it was - it is actually better. You owe it to yourself and your family."

Eliezer S., New York 

"I have done a lot of transformational weekends. This one is not only of a very high quality, it is the only one I know of that is created for the Jewish soul and my religious needs such as food and davening are an integral part of the weekend."

Howard A., New Jersey

"Before you can be someone, you have to know yourself. Shofar can be the key toward becoming a real person. Do you want to pass up on the chance?"

Yisroel K., New York

"This was a cleansing. It gave me a focus point that will help me move forward."

Yaakov B., New York

"If you are reading this, you are ready for Call of the Shofar. An experience like no other."

Robert R., Wisconsin

"This was a great workshop. I truly believe that Call of the Shofar is a need in the Jewish Community."

Joe C., New York

"A crucial stepping stone on the path to self-esteem."

Jordan G., New York

"If you have ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin. If you have ever doubted yourself, or feared what others might think of you if you just let go... Shofar is the only place I know of to find out why that's happening while providing a well lit path to freedom out of that bondage. Shofar gives back your right to live your own life. And that gift is priceless."

Shmuel P., New Jersey

"Call of the Shofar is where you can develop a happier, more meaningful life."

Daniel S., New York

"I looked at another man as a soul similar to mine - the same needs and desires. I connected so incredibly deeply with these people that I can't imagine not trying to engage in all relationships like this."


"I feel that this weekend was a life-moving experience. I highly recommend other people who would like to transform their lives and live from a healthier, happier place. Give yourself this opportunity."

Isaac T., New York

"I did not know anything about the program before I came. I'm glad I didn't. It changed everything."

Yisroel F., New York

"If you want to experience life on a higher level. If you didn't know there could be a higher level... coming to Call of the Shofar will open your eyes."

Yosef P., Pennsylvania

"I feel so inspired to fight for my freedom of choice and my freedom to live. I really love the awareness of truth and depth that it brought to my whole self."

Dovid L., New York

"I came not knowing what to expect. I left with more than I could have ever imagined."

Shlomo B., New Jersey

"I am finally able to allow myself to be seen, and I am ecstatic!! I have accessed the passion within me and feel blessed and happy just to be alive! I now feel the statement 'Baruch Hashem'. There are no words for this except a deep thank you to Call of the Shofar."


"I was VERY apprehensive about coming. But in the end, it was all worth it."

Elya S., New York

"Enlightening. Full of insights."

Ben S., New York

"Three days were never more well spent! Ate so well and still I'm leaving 50 pounds lighter, 6 inches taller, and 2 dozen good friends richer. Profound."

Yaakov L., California

"I am born again. This was my Pesach Sheni. I never knew I had such a big heart. I will forever be grateful to the Call of the Shofar staff."

Nissen G., Pennsylvania

"I had my doubts coming here, but they've been cleared and blown away by a Shofar blast."

Aaron Z., Illinois

"A unique and powerful experience that goes much farther into understanding and resolving personal issues in relationships, especially parenting, than anything I have experienced in over 45 years of mental health work."

Mendel C., New York

"This was the craziest weekend of my life."

Nissin L., Seattle

"I consider the day I stepped into the Call of the Shofar workshop as my new birthday. It is the day I was reborn."

Yossi A., Pennsylvania

"The most incredible way to begin living."

Igor L., New York

"I suggest this for anyone in desperation or open to change. Remarkable. Life changing."

Yitzchok F., New York

"Words can not explain this weekend. I just fought my biggest enemy and overcame it."

Meyer S., New York